Roof Access Ladders

Aluminium roof access ladders

Roof Access WA provides aluminium ladders for roof access on commercial buildings throughout Perth and regional Western Australia. These include step ladders, parapet ladders, angled caged ladders, vertical line ladders and concealed ladders.

Roof Access WA is a certified Sayfa Products installer. Sayfa ladders include brand names; Katt, ALTO, Kombi Stairs & Platforms.

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WA Code of Practice - Prevention of falls from height at a workplace

The code of practice directs the user to follow the "Guidelines for Fall Protection Measures" as illustrated in Table H1 in the Australian Standard AS/NZS 1657.2018.

The standard calls for fall arrest to be installed on fixed rung ladders set to ≥ 75° to 90° over 3.5m. The Standard refers to providing a ladder cage or a harness based fall arrest system to be used if the ladder is set at an angle equal to 75 degrees or up to 90 degrees.

The Code of Practice recommends that ladder cages should not be used on fixed ladders over 75 degrees.  If the ladder is set at an angle equal to 75 degrees then a ladder cage can be used and if the ladder is set at over 75 degrees then a wire or rail-based fall arrest system should be used.

If we look to the hierarchy of control angled caged ladders are the preferable option for rung type fixed ladders over 3.5m. This is followed by a vertical line ladder. A vertical caged ladder is not considered to have any fall arrest values.


Access ladder selection

As per the selection of access, as described in AS1657-2018: The step ladder should be used between 60 and 70 degrees and a rung type ladder should be used between 70 to 90 degrees. The optimum pitching angle for a rung ladder is 75 degrees.

All ladders are required to have even spacing between the rungs, with a variance of 10% allowed for the bottom rung. Ladders are also required to have a landing at their head and base.

A temporary ladder can also be used to gain access to elevated areas up to a height of 6m.

You can use mini ladders between different levels where a risk of a fall is less than 3m and parapet ladder to bridge parapets will a platform and access either side.

Internal ladders are a great option when you are not able to gain roof access from the outside of the building. This can be a concealed access that offers more security, simply with limited access.

Internal concealed ladders, with the fold-down option, offers better utilization of the building's floor area.


All Roof Access WA installs comply with:

  • AS/NZ 1891-1, 2, 3 & 4 - Fall Arrest Systems
  • AS 1657-2018- Fixed Platforms, Walkways, Stairways and Ladders
  • AS/NZS 4488 Parts 1 & 2: Industrial Rope Access Systems
  • AS/NZS 1319 Safety Signs for Occupational Environment
  • Worksafe - Code of Practice - Safe Design of Buildings and Structures