Roof Access Walkways & Guardrails

Roof access walkway solutions

A Walkway is a designated access path where frequent access is required.

Walkways are installed for the preservation of roof cladding and to encourage personnel to take a designated route.

This helps to protect the integrity of the roof decking and limits the number of roof leaks over areas where there may be foot traffic. This is more often than not likely to happen to and from and in and around plant and equipment.

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Types of roof walkways

Roof Access WA offers both Aluminium and fibre walkway systems and will advise on the suitability of the type for each application.

Roof Access WA is an accredited Sayfa Products installers who mainly install Sayfa Products. This includes Sayfa Products: Pace 600 aluminium walkway, OnTrack fibre walkway and Sentry guardrails. The Pace 600 and OnTrack fibre walkways are generally installed on battens for most types of decking profiles.

While On Track fibre walkway can also be directly fixed to some select roof decking profiles, eliminating the need for battens. We also have non-penetrating fixing options available.

The Pace 600 levelled walkway, which includes Sentry guardrails can be installed across the pitch of a roof up to 35 degrees. It is a requirement to level all walkways where the cross the pitch of a roof that is over 12 degrees.

Sloping walkways can be installed in the direction of the roof pitch up to 20 degrees. Cleats are used for traction when the roof pitch rises between 10 and 20 degrees.

Sentry Guardrails can be fixed directly to the roof deck, a vertical surface and a solid flat surface. All fixings are factory manufactured and compliant with standards.


Water tight fixings

We use a 5mm bulb type rivet as a fixing, used for roof-mounted guardrails and walkway battens. The rivets have a rubber seal under their head. There is also an EPDM foam seal between the roof decking and what is been fixed. This creates a creditable waterproof seal. This is part of the attention to detail that Roof Access WA provides during the installation of all products that are attached to the roof decking.


Plant plinths

We can also use the aluminium walkway for plant plinth decking and other trafficable fixtures such as landing platforms, bridges, step up’s etc.

There are a number of variations of width and thickness of both aluminium and fibre walkways available. This creates different options for design and pricing.


All Roof Access WA installs comply with:

  • AS/NZ 1891-1, 2, 3 & 4 – Fall Arrest Systems
  • AS 1657-2018- Fixed Platforms, Walkways, Stairways and Ladders
  • AS/NZS 4488 Parts 1 & 2: Industrial Rope Access Systems
  • AS/NZS 1319 Safety Signs for Occupational Environment
  • Worksafe – Code of Practice – Safe Design of Buildings and Structures