Roof Safety Audits & Consultancy

Roof safety audits

Roof Access WA provides compliance and safety audits throughout the Perth metropolitan and country WA regions.

For buildings requiring roof access, our Safety Audit documentation visually demonstrate the building access requirements. This enables the client to make informed decisions on access design and what is needed to provide suitable compliant access.

Compliance Audits includes fixed items such as walkways, guardrails, anchor points, static lines, rail, platforms, ladders, ladder brackets and other roof access items.

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Periodic certification audits

Periodic certification audit inspections can be either 6 monthly or every twelve months.

If a roof access system is in regular use as per Clause 8.4 Worksafe WA Code of Practice for the Prevention of Falls at a Workplace the inspections take place every 6 months.

When the roof access system is not in regular use the inspections can take place every 12 months as noted in AS1891.4:2009 and in accordance manufacturer’s recommendations.

There is no reference to or definition for the term “Regular Use” in the WA Code of Practice for the Prevention of Falls

During the certification audit, we assign all items with a site-specific identification number and tag for use or tag out. The location of each item is also noted in the audit layout drawing.

Our roof access audits constructively look at all building access requirements and take into consideration all anticipated use. Our reports are easy to read and clearly identify each item by showing their location and status. We comply with all requirements laid out in AS1891.4 for identifying and recording roof access fixtures.


Roof safety consultancy & solutions

Roof Access WA is here to help building managers stay compliant with the WA OH&S Act, Code and Regulations. Our methodical audit process satisfies the requirement ” to show Due Diligence” in recognizing any potential risk.

The Western Australian OH&S Act and Regulations state that there is a duty of care, “To Provide a Safe Workplace” which includes the everyday entry and leaving the work area or site by personal. The provision of a safe workplace and the prevention of falls obligation begins with the building managers and then filters down to all the people working on that building.

Every person has an obligation to be pro-active in the prevention of falls at the workplace.

Each individual building design has its own unique roof access requirements. Some access designs are simple while others can be complex.

Roof access risk is determined, using the same risk assessment matrix as a JSA or SWMS. The information attained from this risk assessment helps to mitigate risk before the contractors get to the site. It also allows the client to make informed decisions when prioritizing works. It can also help stage the provision of roof access if required.


All Roof Access WA installs comply with:

  • AS/NZ 1891-1, 2, 3 & 4 – Fall Arrest Systems
  • AS 1657-2018- Fixed Platforms, Walkways, Stairways and Ladders
  • AS/NZS 4488 Parts 1 & 2: Industrial Rope Access Systems
  • AS/NZS 1319 Safety Signs for Occupational Environment
  • Worksafe – Code of Practice – Safe Design of Buildings and Structures

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