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Platform and ladder solutions

Platforms and landings are surfaces that support a person working, or resting’ or just to provide a space for materials used by the person. The definition of a landing is a flat area at the top or bottom, or between two levels. Landings can be either a section of levelled walkway or a designated platform. They can be standard or custom-made, depending on the situation. Platforms and landings can also be required in numerous scenarios for circulation and are an integral part of a roof access system.

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You could require a landing for your roof access on the side of a building because your building height is over 6 metres. You could also have a landing or platform inside the building, which is connected to your roof access ladder.

Ladder accessed platforms can provide free-flowing egress in and around ladders.

Servicing plant on high pitched roofs can be quite difficult if you can’t maintain a good sound footing. Simple level platforms can be an effective solution to help provide a good safe work area.

The minimum size of a landing needs to be 900 x 600mm.

We can provide service platforms for plant and equipment on all flat and pitched roofs. Plant includes; communication equipment, evaporative coolers, refrigeration and air conditioners.

Refurbishing existing plant plinths ensures they comply with current standards. This always includes the installation of new access systems, decking and handrails.

Roof Access WA is a Certified Sayfa Products installer. Sayfa Products include Katt and Kombi platforms which are manufactured under supervision to Australian Standards.

Custom made platforms can be a really good option with better utilization of space and circulation.


All Roof Access WA installs comply with:

  • AS 1657-2018- Fixed Platforms, Walkways, Stairways and Ladders
  • Worksafe – Code of Practice – Safe Design of Buildings and Structures